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Located in Geelong, Jack creates custom furniture with old-school charm for a wide variety of personal and commercial clients. 


In 2013, prior to getting hitched, Jack Bolton, the Geelong-based landscaper, began crafting bits and pieces, such as various signage, for his upcoming wedding. He predominantly repurposed materials such as old fences and pallets. 

Jack soon found himself spending most afternoons after work in the shed where he began experimenting further and challenging himself to build larger and more difficult pieces, still using the aforementioned repurposed materials. He took the pieces to social media and began gathering a steady influx of inquires via Instagram, which led to him earning the interest of the local newspaper's weekend glossy, GT, who put him on the cover.

Since then six years on, Jack is now full time in the shed, forging his own unique style of self-taught furniture-making. 

Still working with recycled timbers, Jack is honing his unique voice to create a more modern and refined look, often using steel to compliment his stunning woodwork.

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